Besides, during the same period, was a Member of the Board of Directors of such companies as
    • "Arkhangelsk Sea Trade Port",
    • "Energomekhanichesky works",
    • "Pavlovsk Silicate Brick Fabrics",
    • "Predportovy Mills".
       Participated in the privatization program for more then 100 enterprises in Saint Petersburg and Northwest region.    He participated in the program of a privatization more than 100 enterprises of Saint-Petersburg and Northwest region. He has created:
    • ELRDF (Europa Lenstroy Russia Development Fund) - private equity fund;
    • St.-Petersburg Central Managing Company (Management services to Russian Mutual Funds and Pension Funds);
    • Mutual Investment Fund " Lenstroymaterialy ";
    • Non-government Pension Fund "Lenstroymaterialy";
    • The specialized Departments of Financial consulting in Asset management for Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Non-government Pension funds, Banks, Industrial Enterprises, Private Investors;
    • Department of Tax Planning and Financial Development;
    • Client-relations Department;
    • Develop accounting policy for operations with clients' assets;
    • Agency for Marketing, Information and Advertising;
    • A Group of Financial marketing for monitoring of financial markets;
    • Video studio equipped with all required facilities.
       In May, 1998 moved to Moscow for the position of the Head of Department in MFK-Renaissance Group (a Group of Jordan - Potanin).
       After August, 1998 when MFK-Renaissance Group split into MFK Bank and Renaissance Company - moved to MFK Bank where worked over special projects in Mergers and Acquisitions within interests of Interros Goup.

       In June, 2000 created own company - Joint-Stock Company "Corporation of Technologies and Investments K".
      The company specializes in:
    • Project finance;
    • Merges & Acquisitions;
    • Strategic planning
    • Financial planning
    • Re-structuring;
    • Exits from investments;
    • Methodical, technical and legal support.


         Dyachenko Oleg Gennadyevich

         Was born on January, 2, 1966 in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelskaya region

         After school - entered Arkhangelsk Technical School of Construction and Municipal Infrastructure. After graduation from the Technical School - Served for Northern Sea Fleet (Military Service).

          Retiring from Military services - moved to City of Leningrad (Saint - Petersburg) and entered the Leningrad State University with the specialty in Historical & Archeological Studies.
          While being a student he worked a lot with research expeditions from the Leningrad State University, the State Hermitage Museum, Institute of Archeology, Chelyabinsk State University, Institute of History (Ukraine), on special expeditions to Republics of Tadjikistans, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstans.

         After graduating from the University - worked at Institute "Lenproektrestavratsija" as an archeologist-scientist. During that time participated in reconstruction of Historical Centers of Saint-Petersburg and Sevastopol. With my direct participation a Crypt-Burial place of Great Admirals of the Black Sea Fleet - Istomin, Kornilov, Lazarev, Nakhimov - in Sevastopol was restored

         In the very beginning of tremendous changes in Russian economy in 1991-1993 years due to lack of state financing on research works - had to change scientific&research projects for "shuttle-trade" business to earn on daily bread.
         The money earned from that business were invested into additional education:
      I has taken a special course on securities market at Committee of Economy and Industrial Politics of a Mayoralty of Saint-Petersburg, successfully passed exams and got Certificate of Securities Market Participant..

         After that - was hired by brokerage firm "Lenstroymaterialy". During the period of 1993-1998 made a career from the Expert in Securities Department to the General Director.